Lisa (Blackpink) - Money

Lisa (Blackpink) - Money
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  • Длительность: 2:50
  • Дата релиза: 24-10-2021, 07:34
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Текст песни
It's the end of the month and the weekend
I'ma spend this check everything on me yeah
I'ma tip myself I'ma spend it on myself
I'ma drop it like it's pouring I'ma pour it on myself
Check check check
Check that money making bank account number (Yikes!)
That's that shit that's never getting bounced on ya
Bitch I do the money dance I just made a hundred bands
When the store says "Sign for it" I'ma leave my autograph
Dolla' bills dolla' bills
Watch it fallin' for me
I love the way that feels
Dolla' bills dolla' bills
Keep on fallin' for me
I love thе way it feels
I came here to drop somе money dropping all my money
Drop some money all this bread so yummy yeah
Twerking twerking when I buy the things I like
Dolla' dollas dropping on my ass tonight